How can your breweries event center be the best it can be?

Now more than ever people are posting events on facebook, they’re talking about it on twitter or posting pictures of an event on instagram. Social media is looked to as that medium that brings groups of friends together. Companies have obviously picked up on this trend. Having specific events that may celebrate a product or a social function that their target market actually uses. These can range from fun interactive flashmobs, to self promotion such as beer companies at beer festivals. They provide information about the events through a social media platform, and then hope for a great response from their customers.

Something that I have noticed that is trending among many micro-breweries is that a large amount of them are creating event centers so that they can promote their own product or help other companies promote theirs. This is smart, because it instantly allows them to become a social center in the community. They range in size being as large as a standard night club to very cozy offering an intimate setting for attendees. Often these companies will use many of these social media channels to attract people, and promote such an event. Although many are utilizing social media to attract people I don’t believe companies are utilizing social media to their fullest potential. What I mean by this is that they will broadcast an event, but they won’t report what’s happening while it’s going on, or to try to get people interested in the event afterwards. A brewery that continuously communicates with their customers via social media throughout planned events promotes a stronger following in comparison that don’t.

How can a brewery capitalize on this?

One such brewery that I believe could capitalize on communicating more with their customer base is Yellowhead brewing company. I recently visited Yellowhead brewery, and was quite happy with the accommodations. I became interested in some of the other events that they put on there; finding out that they  hold a plethora of tastes and different atmospheres. However it was difficult to find this information initially  until looking at the their twitter page. Having numerous followers tweet about the event that they recently had attended. I then found out more information by sleuthing around on the internet through these followers links. This was a little aggravating since the information was not up front, and therefore difficult to find. What I would suggest Yellowhead to do, as well as any other breweries that offer an event center is to be more like Steam whistle.

Steam whistle located in the downtown of Toronto offers one of thee best event centers in the city. What differs in their event center’s offering from others is that they make people aware of what is going on at the brewery through both social media, and their site rather than just a single social media tool. They show a line up of events that allow the public to become interested in any event going on at the brewery. While broadcasting events across Canada that they are associated with. Steamwhistle will often utilize twitter or facebook to update followers about the event while its occuring so that it is interactive to people at the event. They then post photos or talk about the event at a later date to keep interest in the brewery for event goers.

Some other tips that breweries can utilize for people to become interactive with a breweries event center are:

– If you truly want to be interactive with customers at the event center a cool idea would be to imbed qr codes into all of the different coasters at the bar, and then link it to a site of your choosing. For example a company could have a qr code that links the customer to a half off tour at the brewery or perhaps a coupon on food.

–  A brewery could also try to capitalize through using social applications that allow a user to check in such as four square. Offering them deals on service at the brewery. A perfect example of this is using untappd where you get points for having a certain beer.

– You could also try to generate interest for event goers to come back to the site by offering a contest after an event rather than just during or at the event ( early bird contest) this could generate a resurgence of interest for weeks to come. People will gain interest in coming back to the site through giveaway’s, and then learn about  new events that could gather their interest in the future.

Any brewery that utilizes some of these aspects for their event center will see positive results in the future.


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