Corporate Blogging for breweries

Recently I have talked about the importance of businesses that use social media. You are able to retain, and spread your message to a vast amount of different people in a group far more efficiently in comparison to traditional media using social media platforms. But how do you decide which one is right for you? More than likely you will have to go through the steps of POST(People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology). But today I will be focusing on Corporate blogs.

Corporate blogging is becoming a more commonly used tool that large  businesses are using to energize their customer base. Corporations will use someone who is believed to be a relevant expert in the topic area that people are willing to listen to. So far I have seen a fairly up to date blog specifically from GIB’s Vern Lamborne ( As well as a great corporate blog from dogfish( These breweries have used prominent people in the breweries such as owners or brewmasters to tell their stories. Now why do they use these people specifically?

Often when most corporate blogs are started out they need to find someone who people can trust over time. Vern is the Brewmaster at GIB in which he answers questions from respondents, and shows some of the processes associated with creating his companies beer. While Dog fish has a number of blogfishers that are apart of the different sections of the company. They share stories about upcoming events, news, or anything in general that goes on in their area of the business(My favourite is sticking together).

Customers trust this sort of interactive blogging, because it puts a face on who you are talking to in the organization. Some tips that I would give to companies that want to actually try out corporate blogging would be:

– Be trustworthy come up address who you are, and what you are about. People like transparency in an organization, because at the end of the day we are people we all interact with one another let’s come across as the way we want to portray ourselves.

– Are your topics relevant to the user? nothing looks worse for a corporate blogger than to ramble on about something that is completely unrelated towards what people are visiting the blog to learn about. Always ask yourself. What is it that seems most useful about these examples that I’m using? By asking this your corporate blog will be finely tuned, and will be addressing the true topic of discussion for viewers.

– Be up to date. Bloggers who post often are talked about often, and visited far more frequently than one’s that are not. If your going to post once a month you are not addressing bloggers who want to view what is going on in your company. They will spend their time somewhere else. Dog fish handles this quite well by not having a single blogger, but rather a number of them.

– Be creative! The best blogs offer something that is unique from the rest. That is why people flock to them rather than another. Blog about something that your audience will be interested in.

I am going to use a brewery for an example that I have not gone to see, but have great interest in doing so. They are called fire hall brewery, and they are located in Oliver,BC( This brewery is situated at an old fire hall in oliver that has a restaurant attached. Firehall has a great history of the brewery that goes over the complete renovation of the location called “brewing the brewery”.  They display pictures of the before and after of each section of the renovation. Turning the old fire hall into a workable brewery. I would love to hear more stories that come from the employees of this company. They could even do weekly interviews with some of the firefighters in the local community or events that are happening in Oliver. I challenge everyone that reads this blog to send them messages on their twitter, Facebook, or my space about providing a corporate blog to its users.


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