How Granville Island brewing speaks to me

When having a GIB beer there products can often range from a Brockton IPA which has strong tastes of hops to a lions winter ale, which has a hint of vanilla to it. Recently I have seen the slow integration of GIB into my local liquor stores where my friends have begun to try, and become fond of the taste of the wide variety of beers that GIB offers. My friends have become what I would like to call taste testers( People who have been used to traditional pilsners and lagers that are often mass-produced by large breweries, and just now switching over towards smaller microbreweries which often pack more flavour and taste) enjoying a new beer here, and there not knowing everything there is to know about what they are consuming. More often than not if they become very interested in the product they will just look for the types online(lager,pilsner,etc.) and learn the story behind them.

However GIB have been early to pick up on this phenomenon of uninformed beer drinkers that are willing to learn about what is in their beer. When engaging your customer base using POST (People, Objectives,Strategy,Technology) GIB have been able to understand this targeted consumer. GIB understands that this beer enthusiast will go onto the brewers website to learn what is coming out, when it’s coming out, and whats in it. Or they will actively look at the newsletter that the brewery will be putting out( I totally do this!) so that they can be up to date with the brewery.

Often when communicating your message towards your target you will need to find out exactly what way they prefer to communicate. This can be a video, a blog, or a community. GIB chose to communicate their message through their main brewmaster via a blog that is geared towards showing off new brews, as well as questions from fans. By communicating with this market they are able to attract consumers towards the beers they make through offering content, and then answering the questions that come with this content.

I love that they chose a brewmaster, because often when creating a corporate blog a company needs to factor in some processes. There is a long list, but the cut and dry of it is that whoever is blogging needs to be trustworthy, they need to address goals of the blog, have a solid estimation on ROI, and putting an ear to the ground to listen to discussion around them.

– By giving the blogging reigns to the brewmaster of the company the company is reflecting that they are open about their processes, and are willing to share information.

– The goals of the blog are pretty key they want to offer as much information as they can to their target customer so that they can become interested about their product.

– Estimating ROI is often tricky to guesstimate, but if you begin to monitor the companies returns after the launch of blog posts, and new products while measuring the online presence of the website. You should be able to guesstimate the actual ROI on doing blogs, which I’m sure GIB has done by now.

– Often when listening to what people are saying about your brand or to find out great information out about others a great site is mashable. Since it offers blogs and any news that is online it is almost essential that anyone who wants to have a strong online presence should follow what goes on this site.

If you click on the image above it will redirect you to verns blog. Enjoy!!


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